Federal Prison Talk was created to be an online community. Here at FPT we are here to help those who may found them self in trouble, or to provide support for family whose friends or loved ones are incarcerated in need of information and tools to help them while their away.

FPT also wants to bring information to the public and bring people together to fight for change in federal laws, policies, prisoner rights, fair sentencing, rehabilitation, counseling,  education, and more.

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  1. My dad was sentenced in August 1996 and continues to pay restitution. The question is, does the restitution requirement end upon the conclusion of 20 years.

    He has been paying restitution since he was incarcerated, and is currently ill and retired and they continue to garnish his Social Security.

    Please get back to me as soon as possible. We cannot afford an attorney to represent us.
    Chuck Jordan

    • That 20 year period starts when you probation ends the the FLU is assigned your restitution by the US Attorneys office. Even when the 20 years is it, the FLU can renew the restitution another 20 year.

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